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Sitting on the beach one evening with my mother in my hometown of Longboat Key, I was sharing my ongoing dilemma of loving my life in Central Florida yet the continual yearning to be back on the Gulf Coast.  As we watched the coral sun sink into the gulf, she said the words that make everything crystal clear.  

 "Sand in your toes and salt water in your veins..."

Indeed, that is what this Knot:ical Girl is made of.  

Being forutnate to grow up in a town most come to vacation, my love and appreication of "all things water" began in my childhood. The turquoise hues of the Gulf of Mexico waters and quartz white sand beaches of Siesta Key were my playground.  I can still feel my forehead pressed to the window, mesmerized by the water as we drove over 3 bridges on the way to school and again, on the way home.

Years later, on the shores of Lake Conway,while looking to create a stylish rope bracelet for myself and my daughters in celebration of summer, Knot:ical was born.   

For me, each Knot:ical is reminiscent of the carefree days of summer and all that went with it.  Long days on the beach, feeling the salt stuck to my skin, afternoons spent sailing at the Squadron and Knee boarding with friends. We closed each day watching the sunset...something I do to this day.

I hope your Knot:ical brings an extra bit of sunshine to you as well!

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