Monday, April 8, 2013

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I grew up on Lilly. My Grandmother bought my sister and I our first Lilly dresses (matching, of course). We splashed in our Lilly bathing suits all summer long. My grandfather golfed in Lilly....and somewhere out there is a photo of my father sporting his blue green Lilly blazer with style!

I recall my sadness when our Lilly store on St. Armands Circle closed, followed by the delight, years later when it and the Lilly brand resurfaced!

Years later when I got married, our rehearsal dinner was on the beach. I wore Lilly. My girls were outfitted in Lilly before they could walk and I have saved every shift since...hopefully utilizing them to design something they too, will cherish for years to come. 

To me, Lilly is the epitome of a life style of the first of its kind.  Lilly evokes nostalgia of a childhood growing up in a quaint town on the gulf coast.  Memories of the dog days of summer, filled with sandcastles and sunshine, sailing and sherbert hued sunsets.

Lilly was passionate about embracing life and did so with great flair.  She was a true trend setter.  She did what she loved, and we loved her for it.  

Behind each knotical is a little bit of Lilly the inspiration brought forth to us from Lilly and the way in which she lived her life.

As a tribute to the beloved fashion icon,we will be sharing some of our favorite Lilly inspirations. Hope you enjoy! 

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